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Training & Development

HR Touch! helps companies choose and deliver the right training to develop their workforce. We create and deliver bespoke workshops according to your organization's requirements. We will support you during this journey from analysis to organization and implementation, and measuring the impact of the workshop on your workforce.


A Development Dimensions International (DDI) certified trainer will support you during this journey, from analysis to organization and implementation, to measurement of the impact of the workshop on your workforce.


About DDI...

Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory, the world’s leading source of consulting market analysis, gave Development Dimensions International (DDI) top ranking as the number one leadership development provider on its The Kennedy VanguardTM Matrix based the breadth and depth of its solutions.

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About DDI


High-Impact Feedback and Listening

When sharing feedback is part of an organization’s culture, it is an effective business tool that reaches across all levels. In this course, individuals learn how to effectively deliver both positive and developmental feedback. They also learn how to be receptive to feedback and to listen to accurately understand the speaker’s intended message.

In the workplace, these skills help them to optimize and sustain their own and their co-workers’ performance.

Valuing Differences

Today, the organizations with the greatest competitive advantage are those that create an inclusive environment that makes the most of their people’s diverse experiences, ideas, and talents. Valuing Differences gives people effective skills and tools for exploring others’ unique perspectives, understanding and leveraging people’s

inherent differences, challenging devaluing behavior, and creating an environment in which people’s differences are respected and utilized. 


Here are examples of successful DDI workshops that we deliver:

Communicating with Impact

Many organizations focus on technical skills as all-important to success in the workplace. Yet strong interpersonal skills are equally essential in transforming employees into exceptional performers who have a greater impact in their roles.

This course provides individuals with a powerful set of interaction skills that enables them to communicate more effectively with colleagues and customers and, in the process, build trust, strengthen partnerships, and achieve desired results.

Embracing Change

If there’s one thing all organizations in today’s economy have in common, it’s that they are undergoing change. But change can only be effective if the employees embrace it. Their ability to adapt will determine the competitiveness and success of your organization.

This course focuses on the role of individual performers in implementing change in the workplace. Participants discover their Change IQ, learn about the phases of change that many people experience and are introduced to best practices that will enable them to tackle and overcome the new business challenges of today and tomorrow. 


Making Meetings Work

Most people say they hate meetings, but what they really dislike are unproductive, poorly run meetings. Meetings are a great tool for achieving business results when the right people meet with a clear purpose and specific agenda.

This course helps leaders save time and resources by leading meetings that support business needs. Leaders learn how to plan, facilitate, and follow-up on meetings (including virtual meetings) to ensure that there is a payoff for the time invested in meetings.



Leading with a global perspective

Successful leaders do not automatically translate into successful global leaders—the playing field is broader and harder to navigate, and the stakes are much higher. As a result, leaders need to broaden their perspectives while letting go of preconceptions about how business operates and how interactions are managed. Leaders develop a long-term strategy for leading in a global environment. 




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