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HR Touch International works across industries to provide expert advice and support to companies of all sizes.  HR Touch works closely with strategic partners across the industry to bring a market-leading, interdisciplinary approach to a range of HR topics.



The Owner                                   Patrick & John

Patrick Duriaux is an experienced HR leader with an experience across a range of HR functions. He has held multiple senior leadership positions in banking and finance services companies, pharmaceutical companies and industrial/technology companies and has successfully led numerous global, strategic HR initiatives.


Patrick holds the HR Federal Diploma and is a certified Development Dimension International instructor, a Lominger learning agility coach/practitioner and an Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach certified by John Mattone (former coach of Steve Jobs).



Patrick met John Mattone in 2017. The two started talking and, according to Patrick, found common ground right away. With the eyes of European companies slowly opening to the benefits of leadership coaching and the structure and procedural clarity that John Mattone brought to the table, Patrick’s services gained traction.

Patrick noticed that John Mattone’s material “made things click with leaders.” It put into words logical conclusions they had sensed but failed to define.


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