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What is learning agility?

Learning agility

Identify the "Strategic Few" Best to Lead

  • Leaders often fail because they depend too much on what made them successful in the past. They are not learning agile. The viaEDGE™ self-assessment measures an individual’s ability and willingness to learn from experience—and perform successfully in new situations. Distinct from intelligence — learning agility is the single, best predictor of high-potential.


  • viaEDGE™ easily and efficiently gauges the potential of large numbers of individuals, with the ease of an online self-administered assessment. viaEDGE™ helps organizations:

  1. Assess internal talent for placement and development of high potentials

  2. Aid in external candidate hiring

  3. Identify managers most likely to succeed in international assignments





Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching

The IL Executive Coaching journey begins with a short meeting involving the executive (high-potential, manager, director, vice president, senior executive, and C-level) and “sponsoring” executive/team if necessary to discuss the goals of the coaching experience, provide context and background, and discuss the proposed “roadmap” and coaching schedule. The balance of the day then shifts to the executive and I getting to know each other both “in the office” and “out” over lunch and/or dinner. My objective over the course of the day and following day, if necessary, is for us to build a foundation and bond of trust and rapport. Ultimately, I will assess the strength and vibrancy of both their “inner-core” and “outer-core” capabilities utilizing my general observations as well as a combination of a structured “in-depth interview” and objective assessments, including my own executive maturity assessment. 





Executive coaching

Executive Focus Coaching is highly personalized and strengthens an executive’s performance through focused execution of organization, role, and individual career objectives.


  • Confirming stakeholder expectations of performance   

  • Establishing clear coaching objectives   

  • Analyzing job challenges

  • Conducting candid self-assessment   

  • Identifying development priorities    

  • Targeting development resources 

  • Driving development through assertive support   

  • Ensuring adequate focus on most strategically relevant priorities

  • Measuring and ensuring improved performance success through metrics and follow-up