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Intelligent Leadership Online Academy (ILOA)
Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching

Patrick, John & the IL movement


We Are Wired For Action

Habit formation doesn’t just happen no matter how good and engaging a program is. It’s about creating new neural pathways. 

This occurs when a new skill is repeatedly practiced in real-life situations – in real time (i.e., Inner-Core drives the Outer-Core).

We need hope to believe the future will be better than our disrupted, socially distant, fearful present.

The ILOA 10/70/10/10 Methodology:

Learn (10%) – short, targeted bursts of compelling content delivered by John Mattone.

Apply (70%) – put concepts into action in the real world, right away.

Reflect (10%) – short coaching debriefs to reflect on what worked well and what could be done better

Accountability (10%) – gamification, progress reports and ILOA’s proprietary post-program ROI tool.

Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching

The IL Executive Coaching journey begins with a short meeting involving the executive (high-potential, manager, director, vice president, senior executive, and C-level) and “sponsoring” executive/team if necessary to discuss the goals of the coaching experience, provide context and background, and discuss the proposed “roadmap” and coaching schedule. The balance of the day then shifts to the executive and I getting to know each other both “in the office” and “out” over lunch and/or dinner. My objective over the course of the day and following day, if necessary, is for us to build a foundation and bond of trust and rapport. Ultimately, I will assess the strength and vibrancy of both their “inner-core” and “outer-core” capabilities utilizing my general observations as well as a combination of a structured “in-depth interview” and objective assessments, including my own executive maturity assessment. 















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