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We help companies to attract, hire and retain the best candidates.


Our recruitment solutions are designed to be flexible, so whether you need occasional advice and support or are implementing an entirely new process, we have the knowledge and expertise to support you.




Banking & Financial Services

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Sustainable Energy & Engineering






To learn more about learning agility and viaEDGE, follow the link below.

We provide :


  • Advice specific to your industry, market and region

  • Innovative recruitment solutions

  • Industry-wide best practice assessment


Do you want to have a more robust and consistent approach when recruiting talent?

  • viaEDGE Online Survey is an assessment tool measuring an individual’s ability and willingness to learn from experience and perform successfully in new situations.

  • viaEDGE is the industry’s most reliable online self-assessment that measures the five factors of Learning Agility, allows you to gauge the overall Learning Agility of both external candidates and internal talent. This assessment is built with rigorous verification scales to control over/under individual ratings, and provides a confidence index for each completed assessment.

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